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Workshops and Booths

Each of our booths are curated and run by one of our group members to help promote ways to live food-stainably! 

Grow your own microgreens and veggies

Not everyone has garden space - but there are always ways someone can grow their own food. Get some tips and seeds here!

Properly store your food

Get tips on how to store food longer in ways that will allow you to get the most out of your groceries!

Simply putting groceries in the fridge after buying them is not always the best way to keep them Get tips in storing food to help save you money by making your purchases go further, as well as reducing food waste.


Learn about preservation techniques so you can store food beyond its regular shelf life.

Other preservation techniques such as canning can also reduce both food waste and packaging waste as well as greatly increase shelf life of food.

Worm composting

Learn about a way you can do composting at home, benefiting you with natural made fertilizer!

Worm composting can be set up easily in a household, even in an apartment - all you need to get started are worms, newspaper, some kitchen scraps and a suitable container.

Why should we care?

A booth to learn the importance of being mindful of our food

This workshop will educate you on why it is important to care about caring about the food we purchase and extending its shelf life. Included will be a local food map of the Abbotsford area.

Our Partners

Foraging with You
  • Forest to table food sustainability

  • Winter Homefood culture: Countertop sprouts in a jar, sourdough education and making, mushroom growing block for home harvesting

  • Fungi info: Colouring sheets, medicinal and edible mushrooms for display and touching/smelling

  • Wild food ingredients: A display of preserved and fresh wild products

Fraser Valley Conservancy's 
Step to it Program

Don’t have any room outside to garden, but you still want to grow your own food at home? Sprouts are the solution! No special equipment, soil, or even sun is needed to grow these nutritious vegetables! We’ll walk you through a few easy steps and provide you with your first seeds so you can get sprouting at home!

Chris Kelly - The Stó:lō People and Relationship to Food

Micro greens are a great way to begin growing your own food even with little space and effort. Growing our own food is one way to live more sustainably.

Our youth team is part of Co-Creating a Sustainable BC (CCSBC), an initiative run by the non-profit organization the Fraser Basin Council. CCSBC aims to get youth aged 16-30 involved in climate action and sustainability through youth-led projects.

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